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Elder John Rainey became a born again Christian in 1973 at the age of nine and has walked with the Lord for almost 40 years. Accepting the call to ministry in the early 80s, Elder Rainey formally began to pursue ministry development in 1986.

After completing a time of ministerial training, Elder Rainey was ordained as a minister of the Gospel by Apostle Ellis Smith. He was promptly called by God to serve his father-in-law, the late Bishop Vincent Claxton, at Eagles Way Full Gospel Ministries, where he became an ordained elder. Given the major task of restructuring their old Sunday School Department into a formal Christian Education Department with an emphasis on systematic teaching of Bible Doctrine, he went on to author the Doctrines of the Bible manual that was used in the curriculum that he established. This program eventually graduated a great many people (members and non-members of the church) who completed the training.

After the death of his father-in-law, Elder Rainey eventually went to Detroit World Outreach, under the leadership of Bishop Jack C. Wallace until his untimely death in 2005. Elder Rainey continues to attend and serve at DWO, although not on staff, under the leadership of Bishop Benjamin Gibert, who is a well-known world-class leader.

As a bona-fide ‘five-fold’ ministry-teaching gift, Elder Rainey is an anointed speaker, who is currently in preparation to plant and pastor a church. Elder Rainey is a great choice for ministry or conference speaking engagements, seminars and workshops.

Here is a list of some of his more popular seminar / workshop topics:

Ministry Related Seminar Topics

  • The Ministry of Excellence. In this seminar Elder Rainey will guide the leadership of your ministry or organization through the importance and significance of Excellence in ministry and how each smaller ministry should serve God by presenting the very best offering they can.

  • The Principle of Honor. There are great rewards associated with how we honor those in seats of authority in our lives. In this teaching, Elder Rainey will walk you through the principle of Honor and show how it greatly benefits your life.

  • Technology in Ministry. Technology is God’s idea and all issues from Him. In this teaching Elder Rainey will show the importance of embracing technology for the advancement of the Kingdom of God.

  • The Eternal Perspective. As ‘Believers’, when we stand before God, we will be judged. This judgment will not determine “where” we spend eternity, but rather “how” we spend eternity. This will be based upon what we do in this life and its relevance to the Kingdom of God. In this teaching Elder Rainey will show how to live each day with a view towards eternity.

Business Related Seminar Topics

  • The Kingdom Business Steward. One of the most important things that every pastor needs in his congregation is a good group of Kingdom Business Stewards. When a pastor encourages people to become Kingdom Business Stewards, these business people will take on the heart of ministry and become the financiers of the vision. This is an irreplaceable necessity for every ministry.

    In this teaching, Elder Rainey will talk about what it means to be a Kingdom Business Steward. He will also discuss the responsibilities of the KBS and their role in advancing the Kingdom agenda.

  • The KBS as Sower / Reaper. One of the most significant roles of the KBS is to finance the gospel and advance Kingdom agenda. In this teaching Elder Rainey focuses on the principles relating to “sowing and reaping” as it relates to the KBS.

  • Kingdom Business Principles in Proverbs. In this teaching Elder Rainey will walk your Kingdom Business Stewards through business principles in the book of Proverbs that will enable them to operate on a spiritual plain and have distinct advantages over ungodly businesses.

If you are interested in booking Elder John Rainey for a ministry speaking engagement, workshop or seminar please contact our office at: 734-326-3875 or via email at  

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